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The Cost of EU Membership

1,246 per man woman and child?

How is that calculated? The estimated combined cost of EU membership in 2010 was estimated at 85.3 billion gross. If we subtract the income received from the EU it becomes 77 billion net. Divide that by the UK population in 2010 and the answer is 1,246 each.

What do we mean by the estimated combined cost?

Here is the break down:

Direct contribution to EU 15.25 billion.
The agriculture policy costs 16.7 billion
The fisheries policy costs 4.7 billion
Business regulations cost 48.7 billion
The total is 85.3 billion gross

These figures do not include the cost of EU fraud and corruption. Because the auditors have rejected the EU accounts year after year, it is difficult to unearth the figures for fraud and corruption, but it is probably not less than 6.8 billion per annum.

How do we pay the EU?

The EU is paid from our taxes, i.e., from the tax you pay on your income, VAT etc. Manufacturers and food suppliers can't absorb the 48.7 billion forced upon them by EU regulations so it is passed on to you the customer. The resulting higher cost of goods and food is how you pay the EU 48.7 billion per annum.

Another way of looking at it.

Children and some adults do not pay tax, so let's divide the net cost by the number of UK tax payers. This gives a figure of 2,516 per income tax payer per annum.

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